Friday, August 31, 2012

Liberamos Huawei E173 Movistar

Hola, aqui quiero escribir como libere mi modem USB Liberamos Huawei E173 (s6) Movistar

En serio es muy facil y totalmente gratis :)

Descargamos 2 apps para Winodows

1. Universal MasterCode (buscamos en Google)

paso 1: encontramos IMEI de modem

paso 2 : abrimos Universal MasterCode

Paso 3: En Universal MasterCode abrimos tab "Huawei" y ingresamos IMEI de 15 digitos desde modem, clic Calculate.
Paso 4: copiamos codigo desde campo UNLOCK.

Paso 5 : Abrimos HUAWEI Code writer, pegamos UNLOCK code y damos clic a boton Write Code.

Despues: abrimos el modem, instalamos chip de otra compania, por ejemplo telcel, conectamos a USB y esperamos. Si lampara en modem esta azul - todo bien y tenemos 3G. la unica cosa - es agregar configuracion de APN :) espero sus comentarios, gracias

Monday, August 20, 2012

BAM ZTE MF60 Unlocked!

Hi guys, happy to tell you that now is possible to unlock any ZTE MF60 modem, especially Iusacell Mexico.

En Español: aqui esta en manual como liberar un router ZTE MF 60 de Iusacell Mexico o cualquier compania del mundo. Espero sus comentarios!

So first of all a sad story - as you know the carriers in Mexico are kind of bad, they do not have well educated staff and they do not follow any ethical norms with the client. I have my Iusacell ZTE MF60 half a year, but suddenly i had problem with the service and they did not help me.

I desired to unlock it, but there are restrictions:

1. Modem is carrier locked and you can not use another sim, also unlocking with code is forbidden.

2. Iusacell does not unlock modems even for a fee.

3. You can not flash it or upgrade, there's a custom firmware build.

En Español:  El modem esta bloqueado a su compania (Iusacell por ejemplo), y no sirve con chip de otra, tampoco no hay chance liberar con codigo de liberacion, porque esta function prohibida por Iusacell. Pero vamos liberarlo!

Good news : Now we gonna unlock it for free

All you need is:

1. Modem ZTE MF60 and usb cable , driver


3. UK Firmware for MF60

En Español:  Descargamos archivos 2 y 3 (Para Windows) es QPST y Actualizacion generica para nuestro modem en Ingles (Inglaterra)

So here we go

1. Plug you ZTE MF60 to usb of PC, if is the first time you plug it - open CD and install modem driver, so it will be detected as : virtual ethernet interface, AT commands port and Diagnostic port

2. Pay attention wich COM port number will be assigned to Diagnostic and AT ports

3. Install QPST, after installation first of all open Start -> QPST -> QPST Configuration and add device, if is not visible click Add port and add everything you see in the list

En Español:  Conectar modem atraves de cable USB, instalar driver y QPST
1. Cuando nuestro equipo esta detectado como el modem en windows - abrimos Configuracion de QPST , Inicio -> QPST -> QPST Configuration.

2. En configuracion si no vemos el modem - agregamos con boton "Add port" al final debemos ver algo similar que aparece en imagen abajo

It will look more less like this


4. After the modem will be detected open

Start -> QPST -> EFS Explorer

5. In the ESF Explorer clock to the root directory "/" and scroll down until you see files like ZTEModem.iso

En Español: Abrimos Inicio ->  QPST -> EFS Explorer, clic a carpeta / y con scroll abajo hasta vemos archivos con nombres ZTEModem.iso, version, config

the picture is just an example how EFS Explorer looks like

6. Delete files "Version, Config" (Please do a backup in case if something will go wrong put it back) and close all QPST wondows

En Español: eliminamos archivos Version, config (recomiendo hacer copia de archivos para recoperar si paso algo raro.)

7. Unpack and run UK Firmware for MF60 exe. When update process is over you must run UK Firmware for MF60 again and update your device one more time to take out IUSACELL lock , or whatever network

En Español: Abrimos UK Firmware for MF60 y actualizamos nuestro modem 2 veces!

Notice: i got my MF60 unlocked since i flashed it twice, first time it got locked to some UK network and than unlocked. wifi name must be uFi_999999 (password 12345678), if you have it - congrats webgui password: admin

En Español: despues tenemos modem liberado de Iusacell. con nombre de la red uFi_999999, contraseña wpa - 12345678 y clave de administrador WebGui - admin

if you check files in EFS explorer - you can geek your modem

After an upgrade i got unlocked, and with more new GUI modem

All this things we do with EFS Explorer is to cheat ZTE Firmware updater, otherwise it will not upgrade firmware as is restricted by carrier:)

CONFIGS (Если что-то сломалось / Si no sirve puedes recouperar / you can restore it if you need)



here's one success story :)


I think you just made my day!!
But i don't want to celebrate yet..
Let me describe what happened..
Everything worked fine with the config files and the firmware update tool worked perfect. But in the end i was getting the uFi_999999 wifi but another ufi_BE4108 (which "BE4108" was the id of the my old Conviq wifi).
So as you instructed it i run the tool for another time..
Unfortunately i was getting the same wifi!
I even tried a sim card and of course it was giving me an error "Network locked etc"
While i was running the tool once again I noticed that at around 80/100 when the download phase was completed and the modem was being reset I was getting the uFi_999999 and i even connected to it using 12345678 password, i accessed the interface and everything!
But then and while the tool was "restoring" smt (NV=...) the uFi_999999 disappeared, it got disconnected and the ufi_BE4108 appeared again!
So i run again the tool up to 80/100 and when i saw the ufi_999999 wifi coming up i closed the tool!
It gave me a warning about Datacard being damaged but i pressed OK anyway!
From then the ufi_999999 was still there,i tried a SIM, it picked up the network and the signal and everything seemed to be OK.
Unfortunately i don't have a data plan to see if i can have internet but everything seem to be ok!
What do you think...?

Author: You need to eject your modem when Update tool will start to restore NV. (Im pretty sure you will not brick it hehe and than flash it once again. Password of web interface will be admin, wifi key : 12345678)


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