Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3G For free in Mexico .- 3G internet Gratis Mexico

Didn't publish this for a long time. Thought to use myself, but right now is no way to hide it. Many guys know about it, but i'll make it public

Free 3G in Mexico - is it possible?

Actually yes and is really easy. You can spent some time and some $ to make it working on you. I used to get free access to Iusacell 3G with high-speed 3.5G router.

Let's see how it works. When you connect your modem to a computer you need to setup APN, check it on the web. There's no tricks about APN at all and i don't think that you can cheat. APN "hostname" is just kind of alias, is not a real domain name from the web. For example Iusacell has APN :  and domain expired time ago :)

So when you make a connection you enter to their NAT, you get internal IP 10.X.X.X and their buggy DNS. I really dislike their DNS servers. So you may change them to Google DNS and

After that all your traffic goes to the Gateway. Using trace tool you can get its' IP and the gateway is where the billing happens.  if you have postpaid tarification - do not play, they WILL charge you.

As how as network configuration is a complicated thing and their IT gurus want to make things fast - they always have problems with DNS. DNS is open on 53 port. When you have no money on your account they want you to recharge more and more that's why they redirect you to their NAG portal where they ask cash :)

That portal must have URL such http://10.x.x.x but they want a nice URL, wo it looks web.iusa... that's why they have to keep DNS port open. Also they need SSL there (no idea why)

So 53 port is always open in:
 - Iusacell / Unefon
 - Movistar
 - Maybe telcel
 - Infinitum Movil WiFi
 - IUSACELL4U wifi
 - some other public wi-fi networks

What to do: to make a tonel! 
a) SQUID http Proxy (easy to install, but not all apps will work through)
b) VPN (You will have to setup VPN server somewhere ant to make it listen on port 53)

Other VPN solutions will nto work, there's no way to set custom port in PPTP. So if you want to connect on iPhone - jailbreak is the only one solution to have OpenVpn working.

When you have a tonel traffic goes through open port 53 directly to your server bypassing everything except billing. They do bill DNS traffic (even they bill access to their intranet pages) so if you have money - they will disappear. If not - you can enjoy surfing.

Don't forget that they cut inactive lines. I advice you to pay at least 50 peso per 2 month to have line active. 

Any thoughts?

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