Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can I clone CDMA line?

I could. Was done for education proposes but here's interesting thing i want to share.

I had 
- VIrgin mobile iPhone 4 CDMA phone 
- Samsung CDMA phone of boost mobile 

Jailbraking iPhone and setting up it wth cdmatool didn't take long time, I've registered ESN with my CDMA carrier before so I had phone line working in half an hour on my iPhone 

With samsung I had to pass through painful flashing, SPC reset and so on but finaly CDMAtool could recognize device and I set it up for my carrier too instead of one detail, I changed ESN of Samsung to iPhones' one

Both devices could register in the network
- inboard SMS could get only one of two
- incoming calls could answer both phones ! So I had conference call

I reverted back ESN on samsung on factory one so test is successful 

TotalPlay HUAWEI GPON 8245 / 8247

Aceso a web interfaz de GPON


Fuente : http://www.websec.mx/advisories/view/Huawei-web-puerta-trasera-y-acceso-remoto

Se puede : cambiar ajustes de SIP y el mas interesante cambiar VLAN ID o / y habilitar puertos y SSID