Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can I clone CDMA line?

I could. Was done for education proposes but here's interesting thing i want to share.

I had 
- VIrgin mobile iPhone 4 CDMA phone 
- Samsung CDMA phone of boost mobile 

Jailbraking iPhone and setting up it wth cdmatool didn't take long time, I've registered ESN with my CDMA carrier before so I had phone line working in half an hour on my iPhone 

With samsung I had to pass through painful flashing, SPC reset and so on but finaly CDMAtool could recognize device and I set it up for my carrier too instead of one detail, I changed ESN of Samsung to iPhones' one

Both devices could register in the network
- inboard SMS could get only one of two
- incoming calls could answer both phones ! So I had conference call

I reverted back ESN on samsung on factory one so test is successful 


  1. I have a question for you. I have Totalplay here in Guadalajara. I am trying to open my ports 80 (web) and 22 (ssh) to use with my Raspberry Pi. I can't get the ports to open at all. Totalplay tech support is useless.

    I tried to use no-ip.com to help out, but with the ports being closed, it didn't work.

    How can I forward my ports with Totalplay and my Huawei HG8245?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. why you send your comment to this post?
    is impossible to do what you want because your modem doesn't get any public IP from provider. what you have is NAT IP which looks like 10.x.x.x so whatever you do it will not be available from outside. all your traffic goes through 1 public IP which belongs to their router, there are 2000 users on same IP basically.

    you may pay them 850/ month to get static IP
    or they have public dynamic for 150.

    if you have public dynamic than you can use dyndns